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Contribution to the Summer Guide Feature (written in the style of "choose your own adventure")

Firehouse – P.B.
You wake up to the sun forcing its way through the cracks in your blinds. It is finally summer, and you are finally ready to wake up before noon and bare your legs on a pleasant walk to Firehouse – it’s breakfast time. As you arrive, panting slightly, you notice the valet (duly noted for those less-than-hydrated hangover mornings). You choose to be seated on the second level and begin eagerly examining the menu. There’s something about pancakes that makes you feel like you’re on vacation, so you don’t hesitate to order Firehouse’s Hippy pancakes, which are literally covered in blueberries, bananas and toasted granola. You also intuitively order the black currant-infused iced tea – lounging on the rooftop patio while indulging in delicious food and staring at the glittering ocean will undoubtedly get a little heated. You take note of the impressive fire pit and cushioned patio furniture surrounding it. Maybe you’ll come back tonight – if it’s a Thursday you can take advantage of the $3 wells, drafts and bottled beers. After you’ve finished your meal and tipped generously, you:

1. Go Downtown
2. Go to North Park (to buy a swimsuit at Fables by Barrie)
3. Stay in P.B.

SD Coffee, Tea and Spice; Bub's Dive – staying in P.B.
After getting a wind chill while lying on the beach to let your food settle, you make your way to San Diego Coffee, Tea and Spice. You order the best chai latte San Diego has to offer and sip on it while you people watch. You come to the realization that old people have the coolest clothes, so you decide to make your way to the thrift stores on Garnet. After finding a few super-cool tees at Goodwill and some pants you can turn into cut-off shorts at the Cerebral Palsy Thrift Shop, you realize you’re starving. Bub’s Dive is the first place that comes to mind, so you swiftly make your way to the bar whose floor is covered in peanut shells. You feed many dollar bills to the digital jukebox behind the bouncer so as to prevent any annoying music from ruining your face-stuffing lunch hour. Gorillaz, White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Rolling Stones and “Move Bitch” by Ludacris make your cheese-covered Lunch Lady Tater Tots and saucy Russian Roulette Wings even more satisfying. You eventually find the one crazy-spicy wing, and, while soothing your tongue with a big glass of ice water, you notice CityBeat columnist Enrique Limón walk in. After raving to him about the adventurous wings you just ate, he tells you he needs a ride to a “spicy” place, but he can’t decide between Hillcrest or South Bay, so you:

1. Take Enrique to Hillcrest
2. Take Enrique to South Bay
3. Tell him to take a hike and instead stay in P.B. and go to Surf Indian