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Are you totally lost when it comes to creating your birth plan? I've been there/done that twice and have read all about the process in a variety of sources, books and websites alike, so trust that I can be a huge help to you when it comes time to figure out what your ideal birth experience would be. Having a birth plan {which we will refer to as your birth intentions} sets you up for success, whether or not every single one of your hopes is met. Does it guarantee a pain-free and perfect birth experience? No. But it does guarantee that you will be more prepared for one of life's most important and uncontrollable situations. The Birth Planning package starts with a 90-minute consultation/Q&A, during which we will discuss any concerns you may have, as well as go over the intended and unintended outcomes of some of the more common situations that come up during labor and delivery. We will then continue the session with a creation hour, during which we devise your actual birth intentions and discuss how you would like the printed version of them to look {colors, fonts, etc.}. I will then type up your birth intentions and send five copies {printed on quality card-stock paper} to you via snail-mail once the final design has been approved.

$75 for a three-hour session, $15 for each additional hour

Postpartum Planning ASSISTANCE

There is nothing better than feeling totally prepared for the arrival of your little bundle. During our three-hour postpartum planning session, we will discuss your expectations and concerns regarding recovery after childbirth and life with a newborn, and use the knowledge gained to create a personalized postpartum plan for you and your family. Your specific circumstances, physical and emotional needs and existing support system will all be taken into consideration, and your final plan will be typed up and printed on quality card-stock paper. Other preparations to be considered include assistance with creating a baby registry, organizing a meal train and setting up your living space to accommodate baby.

$75 for a three-hour session, $15 for each additional hour


If you would like to take part in both planning sessions, purchase them together for a discounted price. All of the details in the above descriptions apply.

$130 for two three-hour sessions, $15 for each additional hour

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