This summer was all about growth. Of course there was personal growth (when isn't there?) and physical growth (my kids are weeds), but there was also so much plant growth.

My mom and daughters grew a garden together. They grew corn, tomatoes and sunflowers. The corn and tomatoes were often ravaged by little creatures, but the sunflowers thrived, as did a passionfruit vine that was planted a few summers before. 

Isla loves passionfruit, as in she's obsessed. She wants to gather passionfruit every time we are at my parents' house and it has been a really sweet way for her and her papa to spend some awesome, nature-based quality time together. These photos are of her most recent harvesting adventure, which she began all on her own. In fact, she did everything on her own! It was one of the most wonderful things I've seen her do.

Lorelei loves all plants and vegetables and fruit. She enjoys gardening and getting dirty and muddy and sticky. Messes are her thing. She's fascinated, really. So feeling all of the sunflower seeds and observing the ladybugs crawling around them was a cool experience for her (and me). We all know I love nature and things that grown and bloom. That's why the photo of me holding some pups that I found on a walk is here. I got in on the harvesting action as well. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda hooked.

Alas, here are some highlights of our summer harvest. And if you've never harvested sunflower seeds before, I highly recommend it.

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