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Summer Harvest


Summer Harvest

This summer was all about growth. Of course there was personal growth (when isn't there?) and physical growth (my kids are weeds), but there was also so much plant growth.

My mom and daughters grew a garden together. They grew corn, tomatoes and sunflowers. The corn and tomatoes were often ravaged by little creatures, but the sunflowers thrived, as did a passionfruit vine that was planted a few summers before. 

Isla loves passionfruit, as in she's obsessed. She wants to gather passionfruit every time we are at my parents' house and it has been a really sweet way for her and her papa to spend some awesome, nature-based quality time together. These photos are of her most recent harvesting adventure, which she began all on her own. In fact, she did everything on her own! It was one of the most wonderful things I've seen her do.

Lorelei loves all plants and vegetables and fruit. She enjoys gardening and getting dirty and muddy and sticky. Messes are her thing. She's fascinated, really. So feeling all of the sunflower seeds and observing the ladybugs crawling around them was a cool experience for her (and me). We all know I love nature and things that grown and bloom. That's why the photo of me holding some pups that I found on a walk is here. I got in on the harvesting action as well. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda hooked.

Alas, here are some highlights of our summer harvest. And if you've never harvested sunflower seeds before, I highly recommend it.

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I Am Needed


I Am Needed

Song to Match: "Passing Afternoon" by Iron & Wine 

I am needed today.

I am needed so much that my thoughts disappeared. There wasn’t any room for them. I focused on what each of my dependents needed from me and nothing more. They needed a lot.

I am needed in a variety of ways.

The baby is teething and always hungry. I think she is also constipated. She needs me physically and emotionally.

The toddler is convinced she is more independent than she truly is. She needs me to do as she says, not the other way around. She also needs me to feed her and help her use the bathroom.

The cat has puncture wounds from the teeth of another animal at the base of her tail. She needs comfort, antibiotics and pain medicine. I am her caretaker more so than usual. It exhausts me.

The house is a flurry of remnants from past days. It needs to be pruned and cleaned and reminded that it is still cared about. I hope it knows that we need it as much as it needs us.

I am needed all at once.

The diaper needs changing. The litter box needs scooping. The toddler bottom needs wiping before I help her off of the toilet. All at once.

The cat bowl needs food. The baby needs to nurse. The toddler doesn’t like what I’ve served her for lunch. All at once.

The phone is dying. The iPad is dead. The laptop is charging. All at once.

The floors need vacuuming. The counters need sanitzing. The fridge is unspeakable. All at once (and most of the time).

The laundry needs folding. The closet needs organizing. The dresser drawers keep getting stuck. All at once (and most of the time).

My stomach is growling. My upper back is aching so much that it burns. I’m wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday because I slept in them the night before and decided upon waking that I wasn’t going to waste time changing them today. I stand by that decision.

All of this, and yet.

The baby was laughing. The toddler was snuggled into my stomach saying, “I love you, mama.” The cat was able to fall asleep on her designated towel in her quiet sanctuary (the upstairs bathroom).

The dinner was cooked (and eaten).

The bedtime routine resulted in sleeping children.

A beautiful song that makes me cry began to play on my favorite Pandora station. I let the tears fall with no need to hide them, for I was alone and had a quiet moment of reflection.

I wrote a complete piece for the first time in months.

I feel capable of doing all that I’ve been called to do (and I am able to hear quite clearly that little voice located toward the bottom of my right ear that’s saying, “You don’t FEEL capable. You ARE capable.”).

I welcome tomorrow.

I am able. I am loved. I am supported.

I am needed. But I need them, and all of this, just the same.