Today was a DAY. It began early, involved many firsts, transformations, appointments and sweet treats, and it ended late after a botched bedtime routine. But there were two hours of the day {in between an adorable and necessary ice cream date with toddler friends and a giggly cuddle session on the living room floor} where:

time slowed
the temperature cooled
all that we had to accomplish had been accomplished
and we were together as a family, with nowhere else to be but by each other's side.

Those two hours were spent at our happy place: the beach.

Walking through warm ocean water, sinking into soft wet sand, wearing a cozy baby, holding the hand of an excited toddler and admiring my husband were the best ways to spend the evening of the only day he and I will both have off at the same time for the next few months.

Because this day was a rare occurrence, I couldn't help but document the shit out of it. I took photos of every moment of Lorelei's first day of preschool; I took photos of Isla smiling at me in her high chair; I took photos of Lorelei and her little friends eating ice cream and saying "Cheese!"; and I took photos of us being happy in our happy place - photos that will forever be special to us because they capture our shared family soul at such an important and transitional time in our lives.

Today was good. It was full and complete and exhausting, and I'm happy to have lived it with the people who have impacted my life the most in such cool and varied ways. 

Yes, Lorelei took a wooden spatula to the beach. She's experimental like that.