Holy shit. In just one week I re-did my entire website, filed a Fictitious Business Name statement and got my business license. Welcome, Be Always Blooming Birth and Word Services! And thank you, Mercury, for all of your awesomely wild retrograde-ness. I needed that kick in the pants to get my ass back in gear now that Isla's fourth trimester is officially over.

After getting so much done in such a short amount of time, I was in serious need of days spent doing nothing other than enjoying my babies. So my husband and I looked up inexpensive things to do around Ventura and Thousand Oaks, and we hit the road. So, here are some photos of what I've been doing instead of writing the blog posts I've been meaning to write:

carouseling, eating ice cream, overlooking the harbor, spotting crabs on the rocks

exploring nature, nursing amongst many trees, taking family selfies, pretending Isla is a lion cub

letting Isla play with flowers for the first time ever, snuggling my girls on the porch, kissing a sweet little face that was covered in dirt

Ah, life these days. I'm exhausted and motivated all at the same time, but can only work on my business and creative projects after 8 p.m. I'm worn down to the bone every single day caring for these two little people that I gave birth to. I can't sleep at night due to a mind that never stops racing...I can't relax at all really. But the days are so full of wonder through the eyes of my daughters that the insomnia and high stress levels are all super worth it. Life these days is pretty damn cool.