BloomingIt's something we all do throughout our lives. With each phase, stage and age our roots deepen, we blossom, we bloom - we grow as people in our various roles. But it is the blooming that we must keep our eyes open for, because the blooming is the part where we are our best selves. It is the point we reach when we find one of our many truths and feel that much more content with all we have been given in this life.

When I bloomed after the birth of my children, I found myself deeply connected to the wild woman I have always been, but never fully embraced. I have since come to learn that I am a passionate advocate for intuitive motherhood as a peaceful and satisfying birth and parenting method, as well as an advocate for the building of metaphorical "villages" around the birth of a child. 

My work focuses on educating and empowering women in such a way that they come to realize they already know how to give birth, mother their children and care for their families as a whole - but they must first learn to trust themselves and acknowledge their innate wisdom. I support and guide my clients and students on their journeys in a completely loving and unbiased way, because I believe that all birth is natural, and all birth is sacred.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of San Diego
  • Nominated as a Woman of Impact at the University of San Diego
  • Member of Birch Family Birth Services Birth-Worker Collective
  • CAPPA-Certified Childbirth Educator
  • CAPPA-Certified Postpartum Doula
  • Birth Doula in Training through StillBirthday
  • Published writer in various outlets, such as HelloGiggles, Manduka Blog, PranaMama.TV, Motherhood Rising, TRIBE de MAMA, The Vista, San Diego Uptown News, San Diego CityBeat and more