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The New Mama Bundle combines my group childbirth classes with both my birth and postpartum doula services. In doing so, I am your guide, companion and sister. I will accompany you on this journey from the moment we connect, guiding you through pregnancy, birth, the fourth trimester and beyond. Not only will you learn from me, you will teach me in return, as every birth invokes change in those who witness it. Together we will ensure your motherhood journey is filled with discovery, fulfillment, peace, love and satisfaction. 

Your investment garners you the following:


I will provide you with comprehensive and modern childbirth classes that discuss pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the first year equally. The classes will be part in-person discussion and part at-home study, but trust me, this isn’t your average prep class. My classes, which are influenced by my CAPPA training and certification as well as my Birthing From Within workshop attendance, will help you to go inward and learn more about your inner self while simultaneously informing you about birth in today’s society. You will learn your options and choose your preferences while also better understanding your spirit and mothering style.


The New Mama Bundle birth doula services include four prenatal appointments, at which we will discuss the content covered in your home study, as well as how you’re currently feeling and what you’re most concerned and/or excited about. At these appointments we will work on your birth and postpartum intentions, craft your birth and postpartum plans and make sure you’re as prepared as possible to bring a new life into this world. Partners are expected to attend all but the final prenatal appointment, during which it’s girl time and we really get into it, making sure there are no fears left to bother you when it comes time to bring your sweet baby earth side.

You are also welcome to invite any family members who will be a part of your postpartum village to one prenatal appointment dedicated to discussing postpartum planning. In doing this you will ensure that everyone who will be involved in your postpartum experience is on the same page as you when it comes to your preferences and determining the areas in which you may need help.

When your baby’s birthday arrives, you can call me as soon as labor has started and you feel that you need my support. Once I arrive, I’m there with you to the end, providing any and all support you need to help you reach your goal of having a satisfying birth - whatever that may end up looking like when the time comes. We can’t control the way birth unfolds, but we can certainly guide it in the right direction to the best of our ability - together.


Once birth has finally graced your family, your postpartum care will begin. The New Mama Bundle includes two four-hour visits per week for the first four weeks, a complementary in-home visit from a Certified Lactation Counselor who also supports me as my backup doula, and 24/7 access to me via email, text or phone for the duration of our contract. But it is my hope that our friendship will continue thereafter, as I am on this motherhood journey with you no matter what. After all, we are more than just a doula and her pregnant client. We are women together on this planet, and we have a shared responsibility to raise the next generation of peaceful change makers side-by-side. That being said, if you would like to extend our contracted postpartum doula time together past the allotted four weeks, that is totally an option (if availability allows).

$2,000 investment, payment pan available
{By investing in the bundle you save $220!}

My standard non-package fee for postpartum doula services is $35 per hour with a minimum of two hours booked.
A $10 fee is added to each postpartum visit that exceeds a distance of 15 miles.

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